John Alleyne is an International Coach Federation (ICF) member who has acquired the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) qualification. He has also completed the Career & Executive Coach training from the Goal Imagery Institute (New York) combined with over 25 years of a professional career in Business, Management, Training, Information Technology, Project Management, Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching. 

You decide on what your goal or aim is then book a FREE call with John.  We talk about your goal and clarify where you are, what drivers are in place to get you there and how the process works.  Typically goals are to achieve or overcome a career direction, career indecisiveness, career uncertainty, interview improvement, interview preparation, how to network better to meet potential hiring people (hidden job market), develop career or job prospecting strategies.  We discuss your readiness and what timeframe to achieve the goal/s (typically 2-4mths of weekly calls) but some can be short and I do offer a 1 month taster. Sometimes there is an overarching goal and sub-goals eg. Goal:I want a better job with subgoals of job discovery/market scan and selection of the next preferred career position/s and gap analysis and finally job applying.  All coaching arrangements are individual to your unique needs, confidential and time bound.  It's all about YOU.  

John has received awards from exercising people leadership skills and putting people first over process within by leading and delivering successful outcomes to customers in many industries. John's style as a one-on-one coach is extremely effective.  His recent biggest passions are ignited by working on large budget complex projects.  His background spans across many industries including banking, insurance, education, information technology, mining, resources, engineering, infrastructure, logistics, transport, small & medium businesses, educational and Local/State/Federal Government bringing a wealth of experience to the table to add value to your personal and career goals.

John takes on coaching assignments with enthusiasm and passion moving you forward to succeed with your goals. He comes highly recommended from work colleagues, customers, students and the public. John is an active member of many professional business associations including International Coach Federation, Project Management Institute, Marshall Goldsmith Global Laedership Group and the Business Network International bringing breadth and depth of knowledge when working with YOU! 

Podcast on how to become a trusted adviser:    http://fixmyprojectchaos.com/how-to-become-a-trusted-adviser/

Chair & Speaker
Crown Leadership International Group:
-2018 : Finding growth in your role as a Leader or Manager;
-2019 : Realising Business Value - Implementing your project and tracking your way to SUCCESS 

​​​​​​​​​​ICF definition of coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

ICF Members represent the  highest quality of professional coaching . -Magdalena N. Mook (ICF CEO/Executive Director)

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